Saturday, March 12, 2016

Susan had the distinct pleasure of visiting the 3rd graders at Oakhurst Elementary School in California yesterday. She shared photos showing students' lives here in the US, compared to life in Haiti (school, food, water, etc.). The kids were respectful, engaged, attentive and asked very thoughtful questions. Susan said, "I think it was my favorite presentation I've done yet! When I sent a letter of thanks to teacher Mrs. Harsha, this was her response:
"Great! And thank YOU! As soon as we returned to class, students were digging into their backpacks for coins and dollars. Others were talking about bringing money next week. One little boy asked me to untie a little bag he had. It was too tight but it was time to round them up for the busses. As the last child was heading out the door I noticed Anthony at the Power of One canister. He'd managed to undo his bundle and was placing coins in the canister!
You inspired them! Your presentation was perfect showing the contrast of what they have and what the Haitians have. Mrs. Murphy wonders if it will also make them more grateful for what they do have:)"

Young children seem to make a quick connection to their counterparts in developing countries.

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