Send a Student to School

So, what will $10.00 buy you? Lunch for you and your honey at that fast food place down the street? As long as you don’t supersize it! A single movie ticket? If you make it a matinee, and hold the popcorn!

How about a whole month of education for kids that might not otherwise have the chance to attend school. Now that’s an investment!

Your donation will help send some great kids like these to school. Or feed them once they‘re there. Or provide school supplies. So they can grow up and make their world a better place. How great is that?!?

It’s a little thing we like to call “Send a Student to School.” Pretty clever, huh?

So we invite you to send a kid to school, for a month, a year or as long as you are able. Just visit our "How You Can Help" page for more information on how to donate to this program.

Here are some of our kids:

As you can see, Christnerlan is a very happy girl. She has a brother and two sisters that keep her parents, Richemond (a farmer) and Josette (a homemaker) very busy.

Bukenson says he enjoys seeing his friends at school. His father Paule is a farmer and his mother Mariolene is busy with Bukenson and his two brothers and sisters.