Monday, February 22, 2016

Health and Hygiene Classes Start

We are very excited that this month we were able to start offering health and wellness classes at the school in Pignon. Classes are offered every week by a visiting nurse. She has established lesson plans that are geared to each grade level and the kids are loving it.
Healthy kids have better attendance and are able to focus more clearly while at school.
Classes will be taught on the importance of personal hygiene, proper dental care, good nutrition and how to avoid transmitted diseases like malaria, typhoid, cholera, etc. For older students classes will include how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and the role of teenagers towards one another both socially and sexually.
We are aware of the importance of healthy students and healthy families. Our Board has agreed to take on this additional financial commitment for the rest of the current school year. We are actively pursuing financial support to assure that this important program will continue in the future.
As always, thanks to Jean-Ronel Joseph and Director Rimbol for all their work in Pignon!