Tuesday, May 31, 2011

College Scholorship Program

Last year we received a request from one of our friends in Haiti to help him finance attending the State University in Port-au-Prince. At the time it was simply beyond our means and we felt like the primary school's needs were about all we could handle. Now, several months later we've begun to consider setting up a program for college scholarships in Haiti. A number of things have changed that may indicate that this is a good time to begin working on the details of a scholarship program. First, we've learned that the cost for attending the State University is approximately $1500 US per year, including tuition, books, fees and transportation from home to school. Secondly, we've had a donor say that they would cover the cost for at least the first year. An extremely generous offer and truly a blessing that we are very excited about. Yet with this offer many other concerns have surfaced. Can we get funds directly to the school? How do we handle the inevitable and numerous requests from other deserving students? What system should be set up for progress reports from the student?  We are guessing that as the process continues this may be something that is handled by a selection committee. Just some thoughts for now. We continue to be amazed at the path that Be the Power of One has taken....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Update for August 2011

Susan and I continue to make plans for our August trip to Haiti. It feels so much better to be more prepared and therefore less apprehensive about the trip than last year. We are very encouraged by the number of people that are coming forward to help with the school and Haiti in general. Next month we will meet with a man who has a background in agriculture. He will be providing fruit, vegetable and tree seeds that we will take to Haiti for family and community gardens. These are high quality seeds that are inspected and certified to be imported to foreign countries. I'll post more details later about a planned fund raising reception in Los Angles and a start to our University scholarship program. Good stuff !!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

This August school dates

Susan and I just got the dates for our next trip to Haiti. Summer school in Pignon is Aug. 13 - 21st. This year we know ahead of time that we are the teachers. It'll be nice to be prepared. We've been asked to focus on English lessons. Thanks to so many of you friends we will be taking tons of school supplies, toys and health/hygiene items with us. There is so much need. THANKS!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Great meeting in Tulare, Calif.

Susan and I just got back from a meeting in Tulare with a representative of the Rotary District office who will be helping us with grants. With the commitments we currently have from our local Oakhurst Rotary Clubs and matching grants from Rotary District and International Rotary we will apply for grants for well drilling, school supplies, latrines at the school in Pignon and possibly some improvements at Pignon's local hospital. These grants will be for 2012 and will be in addition to funds needed for on-going projects. We are both feeling very encouraged after this meeting. We have also decided to purchase a video projector with personal funds to help in our presentations. Next step is for us to save up for a video camera. We hope to have the camera before we leave this August so we can have footage for a new, longer video. Exciting stuff.....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Charles and Denise come through.....

Once again Charles and Denise at the Bargain Barn in Oakhurst come through....by donating two giant boxes of school supplies and toys for Haiti. They did the same thing for last year's trip to Pignon and Christmas 2010 for the kids gift bags. You two are WONDERFUL, thanks for all you do. 

We have quite the stash of supplies for this year's trip, mid-August, to Pignon. We are also excited about an upcoming event, July 16th, in Los Angeles. This event will be a fund raiser that will focus on playground and sports equipment. On Thursday we travel north to Turlock, Ca. to talk with Rotary International members about matching grants for our well project.

Good stuff happening, we feel blessed.