Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Amazing Ride

When we started Be the Power of One it was an adventure that came from the heart. We didn't spend a lot of time thinking about what we were getting ourselves into. I'd guess this is how successful non-profits start. Now at times it feels like we are just hanging on for an amazing ride. The last 48hrs. have been wonderful with so many of you joining the Be the Power of One family through Facebook. We truely feel connected to you all. Our Facebook link: 
Over the weekend Pastor Carsel sent us the tentative dates for this year's summer school program in Pignon, Haiti. Looks like we'll be making the trip the last week of July. For those of you who have wanted to join us, we'll get travel details later. On the schedule will be another trip to Cap Haitian for textbooks and fabric for more uniforms. You can see in this picture that Smepha, who lives with her Mom and two sisters, got all dressed up for school pictures. 

May 4th Wine and Art Event

Here is a link to a few pictures from our May 4th Wine and Art Event. It was a fun evening with 40-50 supporters stopping by Cool Bean Cafe in Oakhurst, CA to view photos from Haiti, enjoy some tasty treats (thanks to MaryAnn Ziegler), sample some fabulous Sierra foothill wines and hear our story. These events go a long way to support educational opportunities in Haiti. We will have to do more of these fun events!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You just gotta smile....

Meet Wandley Elie, he is one of our students at the school in Pignon. He is sporting his new uniform that was made by a local seamstress with fabric that your donations to Be the Power of One purchased. Wandley and his five brothers keep his father, Jeremie (a farmer) and his mother, Josette (a saleswomen) very busy. Wandley's big smile is an indication of how much he enjoys school. Our programs, focused on improving education, continue to support school staffing, provide classroom supplies and help to insure that students get a healthy lunch each school day. It only takes $10 per month to provide schooling and lunches for these students. Thanks for your support and encouragement!!