Monday, November 4, 2013

First Higher Education Scholar Nears Program Completion

Nearly two years ago Jean-Ronel Joseph received Be the Power of One's first scholarship to attend a college or university program. Jean-Ronel applied and was accepted to attend the West Indies School of Evangelism (WISE) for their two year Associates Degree in Theology. He has been an outstanding student in his theological studies as well as the English and computer programs. Jean-Ronel has helped us from day one with our work in Pignon and we are so proud of his accomplishments. His hard work has changed his life and will continue to have a positive effect on his community and his entire family tree. The positive rippling effects of his work are incalculable.

Headed towards a spring 2014 graduation Jean-Ronel has asked for some final financial support as he transitions from student to community leader. Below is a copy of a recent letter from Jean stating his gratitude and needed support. Please consider partnering with us in supporting this final step in Jean-Ronel's education. Gifts of all sizes are greatly appreciated and will be well used. Donations using PayPal can be made at the "How You Can Help" page or mailed to Be the Power of One, Post Office Box 1636, Oakhurst, CA 93644.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!!

"Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that you and your surroundings are doing magnificently great in the Lord.

I wanted to take this time to thank you (Tim), Susan and the board of Be the power of One for what you have been doing in my community (Pignon) which is extremely useful to me particularly. Thank you for your generosity, specifically your prayers, your financial support, and also being involved in my learning of God’s words at every standpoint here at WISE. To be honest this is like a pipe dream come true to me, and it tastes really palatable to my soul, arm and body. I feel like God is moving in my life by putting you all guys by my sides the same as He did for Timothy by putting Apostle Paul on his side to support him throughout his ministry.

I know it is not an easy task brother, but your reward is not going to be an earthly reward but a heavenly eternal reward (Mark 9:41); this passage of scripture says you cannot lose whatever you do for someone who is belong to Christ. As I have told you in our small conversation about some of the things that I am going to be in need of, in my preparation not only for graduation, but also in my heading to home sooner. Here are the needs that I would love you to see in what ways you can help provide with…The ticket = $ 246 USD, 4 long shirt sleeves including a white one with a red tie for graduation to put under the garment ($25 each) ; 4 dress slacks ($30); a pair of Dressing shoes ($60); a pair of sneakers ($35), a luggage for books and notebooks ($50), and the last of all is a 4GB jump drive($25).

Thank you again my brother for your loving-kindness and your passion to help those who are in need; Remember even if you’re doing what is good for God’s glory but that can happen you cope with hardship sometimes but notice if God is pleased with what you’re doing who can be against you?( Romans 8:31), the answer is no one."