Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tired and Glad to be Home

Thanks Lauren Madden for posting our text messages from Haiti on our Facebook page. We got home late Sunday and are REALLY glad to be back to our home, family and the comforts of living in the USA. We'll get pictures posted as soon as we get settled in. Lots of typical Haiti stories including a 60 mile round trip, to arrange monthly food deliveries, to the school in Pignon, that took nine hours and included 4, count them, 4 blown tires! 

A very special note...Jean Ronel is so excited and thankful to everyone that contributed to his college scholarship. He takes off for school in St. Vincent August 28th and will not return to Haiti for two years. It just costs too much to travel back to Haiti for summer or holiday breaks. We will miss him dearly next trip.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Countdown Begins...

This month has been about planning for the future and getting ready to travel to Haiti.

Last week, we were honored to have a professional documentary filmmaker interview us while two talented young camera operators recorded.  Even the lighting was provided by a lighting technician in "the biz".  All four donated their services, providing rough footage that will be used to produce a professional quality short film documenting our efforts.  We’ll include footage from our time in Haiti and use the documentary to promote Be the Power of One.  We’re especially excited about this project and will share more information as it develops.

Next Friday, July 20, we’ll be starting our annual trek to Pignon, Haiti to spend a week with friends and lots of school kids.   This is about a month earlier than usual and maybe that’s why we both feel under-prepared.  There are still activities to organize, craft supplies to buy and bags to pack.  Airfare has increased dramatically in price and the itinerary is much longer and more complicated.  

Still, we are looking forward to arriving in Pignon, seeing our friends and a couple hundred smiling faces of the children.  

We are thrilled to be able to dedicate the well that was drilled by Haiti Outreach on the school grounds last October, thanks to the Oakhurst Sierra, Oakhurst Sierra Sunrise and Tracy Rotary Clubs.  We will have a small dedication ceremony and add the plaque that Art Signs is preparing for us.

Tim and I can’t thank everyone enough for your support, both financial and emotional.  As always, pictures and stories upon our return.