Thursday, May 5, 2011

Great meeting in Tulare, Calif.

Susan and I just got back from a meeting in Tulare with a representative of the Rotary District office who will be helping us with grants. With the commitments we currently have from our local Oakhurst Rotary Clubs and matching grants from Rotary District and International Rotary we will apply for grants for well drilling, school supplies, latrines at the school in Pignon and possibly some improvements at Pignon's local hospital. These grants will be for 2012 and will be in addition to funds needed for on-going projects. We are both feeling very encouraged after this meeting. We have also decided to purchase a video projector with personal funds to help in our presentations. Next step is for us to save up for a video camera. We hope to have the camera before we leave this August so we can have footage for a new, longer video. Exciting stuff.....

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