Tuesday, March 1, 2016

School Well Repairs

Jean-Ronel sent us some pictures today of repairs on the school's well. The hand-pumped well was drilled by Haiti Outreach in 2012 with support from Oakhurst Sierra, Oakhurst Sierra Sunrise and Tracy Rotary Clubs. At that time the Rotary Clubs set monies aside for future repairs. Oxidized and pitted pipes are being replaced to increase cleanliness and efficiency.
This well provides the students and staff with clean, easily accessible water. It is also opened to the community at scheduled times bringing clean water to many families in the area. Prior to the well being drilled students had to leave their class and walk to a nearby river if water was needed at school. Besides missing class time the river water is not nearly as healthy since the river is also used to water animals, wash clothing, wash cars and bathing.

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