Thursday, February 9, 2012

Send a Student to School

Thanks to our friends Jean-Ronel and Chedlin in Pignon we have these wonderful pictures of our students in Pignon, Haiti. Your generous donations have, among other things, paid for the school uniforms they are wearing. As you can see, Christnerlan is a very happy girl. She has a brother and two sisters that keep her pa...rents, Richemond (a farmer) and Josette (a homemaker) very busy. Bukenson says he enjoys seeing his friends at school. His father Paule is also a farmer and his mother Mariolene is busy too with Bukenson and his two brothers and sisters. These smiles are a wonderful result of the donations that can be made through our "Send a Student to School" program. A monthly donation of $10 or a one time donation of $120 covers all the costs associated with attending school and provides a hot meal each day for these students. In Haiti only 10% of all schools are funded by the government. If you would like to participate in this program just click here.  You can donate online using your PayPal account or major credit card.
By: Be the Power of One

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