Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Great Connection

Yesterday we had a great meeting with Pastor Cody Gunderson at the Yosemite Lakes Community Church in Coarsegold, Calif. He's a really dynamic speaker and great storyteller. A group from his church has made several trips to Haiti, the latest group is headed out in two weeks, where they support a variety of projects in and around Port-au-Prince. We share some of the same feelings of being overwhelmed by the level of need wherever you turn. It becomes necessary to focus on what you are doing to improve conditions and realize that it will take a mamouth effort and many years to rebuild Port-au-Prince. We talked a little about rural Haiti, Pignon in particular, and how different the needs are there compared to the city. Infrastructure may be a mess in Port-au-Prince but it is almost nonexistant in rural areas. Someday we may get a chance to work together on a project. What a wonderful group of people with lots of energy and serious interest in helping the world community.

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