Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thoughts on Haiti

We have returned from our amazing trip & have settled back in.  As there was no chance to blog (Pignon's only cyber-cafe was not working), I thought I'd post some entries from our good old-fashioned handwritten journal:

At the American Airlines gate in Miami ready to leave to Haiti.  Very exciting here.  Feels like we are part of a greater mission.  Haitians here going to see families, others here perhaps on journies like ours.  People seem upbeat as we are and not burdened.

Spoke with Pastor Carsel last night with his wife Jinette.  He will be taking a different flight that will arrive in Port au Prince (PaP) 20 or 30 minutes after us.  We'll wait for him at the airport.  When he & Jinette arrive in PaP we'll take a tour of the city and then a short flight to Pignon on a missionary flight.  Here we go!!! An "E" ticket ride ...

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