Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Arrived in Pignon

The ride to Pignon from PaP was quite an experience.  We had planned on flying but the only plane available was a 5 passenger.  So, the flight that should have taken 20 minutes turned into a ride that took 4 hours.  The pavement ran out early on & the dirt road for the remainder of the trip was bumpy and muddy after it started raining.  But the sights were interesting - we drove through several small villages, saw chickens & donkeys, cows and some hourse & goats, lots & lots of goats.  The goats were destined to be dinner.  People used the donkeys as beast of burden or hauled their loads on their heads ... always carrying water.

We arrived safely in Pignon and are staying at Pastor Carsel's uncle's home. We have our own bedroom. The house looks and feels a lot like a Baja home - stucco outside, tile floor inside. By Haitian standards I am sure we are living luxuriously. Electricity is provided by a generator a few hours a day. No running water so 5 gal. buckets are used for showers & flushing toilets. After a homemade dinner of rice, fried plantain, fried chicken, salad, we sloushed thru muddy streets of Pignon, slipping, sliding & I'm sure entertaining the locals as we walked to the school. The school is on a 3 acre plot surrounded by a cactus that forms a 4' protective fence. The kids that were there this evening were somewhat shy until we played a version of musical chairs moving nearer to them until we all sat next to each other laughing, smiling & not understanding a word the other spoke. We have decided to try to teach the kids some English this week.

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