Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pignon Well Project Continued.

Just yesterday Susan and I received pictures from Jean showing the completed well house. This is the third and final step for the well project. Since my post last month a concrete slab was poured around the newly installed pump and it was prepared for the construction of the well house. Everyone here is so pleased with how smoothly the entire project went. Haiti Outreach did an amazing job bringing the project in ahead of schedule and under budget. The Oakhurst and Tracy Rotary Clubs were likewise impressed and pleased with how quickly this international project was completed. We've been told by others with more experience in international projects that Haiti is a difficult country to work in. This has not been our experience. We seem to have been guided to the right people and organizations that have made this effort unproblematic. Pastor Carsel's friendship and guidance in Haiti along with the experienced staff at Haiti Outreach have made this a rewarding process for everyone involved. We hope that we can work with Haiti Outreach again in another community. There is certainly no lack of need in Haiti.

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